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Qualified Gay Real Estate Agent
There are many great reasons to use a gay real estate agent: knowledge of the gay community and understanding the special hurdles that can face gay and lesbian couples when buying or/selling a home.

Working with a qualified gay real estate agent can be very helpful when searching for your next home, investment property, or second home.On a personal level, a gay or lesbian client will often be more comfortable with a gay real estate agent. Feeling at ease with the professional who's helping you with one of the largest purchases of your life is very important.

Paul Curzon is a proud member and long-time active supporter of the LGBT community in the Tri Cities. Paul promotes Tri Pride by sponsoring the main stage; he has sponsored a range of events as diverse as Rainbow Chorus concerts to Friends of Dorothy Bowling Tournaments. He continues to sponsor and advertise in other local initiatives. Paul believes such support keeps our communities strong.
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